Jan 24, 2019

Last nights rain really hurt the road.

The back quarter had the most new material and seems to have held up well.  The large hole in front of 15130 Dennis was so bad....then it was gone and now it is back.  We are going to have to put more material there and ideally a different material top coating.

All of the contributions have come from the people at north end of Dennis, makes sense, they have to drive the furthest.  So the back quarter is good.

We need contributions from the middle quarters and from Song.   If we can get enough material on the road, we can have the kind of road where we don't fear the rain.

Thanks to all,

Call me or Marty to sponser a load.

Randy 727-409-4663
Marty 727-534-0639

Dennis Road

Jan 7 2018

Hello Neighbors, 

We have had 4 loads of material put on Dennis since Dec 26th.  

We are hopeful to get loads 5 and 6 today or tomorrow.

All of the contributions have come from neighbors who live toward the north end of Dennis.  Naturally, these loads have been directed to the problems near their homes.  

Each load has been $450 for the materials and Marty has been spreading the loads.  Marty is available at 727-534-0639.  If you would like to fund a load and direct where you want it put to work, we can do that. 

If you want to put some of the load on your land and the rest on the road, we can do that too.

After 10 loads or so, we should be ready for a top soil type of material.   These improvements should make the quality of life driving down Dennis much better.

If you would like to make a contribution, call Marty or me.  Randy Jenkins



Dec 24 2018

Hello Neighbors,

We have a price of $450 per truck load of material, approximatedly 22 tons per load.

Marty down near the end of Dennis has a machine to spread the material and is looking forward to doing it.

He has ordered and is paying for one load that he will concentrate near his property.   He is also paying for half of the second load, which will go into the worst of the current holes. 

Right now we are inclined to use crushed concrete, though we have an option of crushed asphalt for the same price.  Let me know if you have a strong opinion.

BTW limestone is $250 a load, but I am told that is not a good option.

We are looking for donations for a 3rd and 4th load.  

The first 2 loads will be here Wednesday morning.

The more we put on the road, the higher it will be above the surrounding area and the longer we will likely have, before we need to do more.

We are a private road and are responsible for the maintanence.   Ironically, my 4 acres is for sale and I will likely not be here for the long term.

If the county takes over the road, according to Jack Mariano, our commissioner, they will pave the road and we will all likely see pretty big paving liens on our properties.  The fee is based on how many feet of frontage each property has.  It seems we all have 100's of feet of frontage so it will not be cheap.

Taking care of the road is our cheapest option.

Randy Jenkins.  Realtor at Coldwell Banker F I Grey and Son.