Notice to Owners in Subdivisions and Condominiums


Vacation Rentals (formerly known as Short-term Rentals)

Please be advised that Vacation Rentals are requlated by the Pasco County Land Development Code (LDC). Your HOA or COA may have more stringent requirements that absolutely prohibit all Vacation rentals.

The purpose of this Notice is to educate and inform residents of what is permitted by law and what is not, and also what the penalties are for being in violation. Further, there is the hope that with this information homeowners will voluntarily comply with these regulations to ensure that the vitality of our residential neighborhoods is not diminished.

The LDC definition of a Vacation rental is:

A dwelling unit that has been advertised as available more than three (3) times per year for periods of fewer than thirty (30) days at a time for use, occupancy, or possession by persons other than the owner, regardless of the form of ownership of the unit.

In plain English, the LDC allows homeowners (EXCEPT in subdivisions and condominiums that prohibit them) the right to rent out their property for less than 30 days at a time but only 3 times per year or less. Homeowners in all residential neighborhoods and condominiums also have the right to expect that the integrity of their neighborhoods will be preserved ~ without vacationers creating problems of on-street parking, trash, noise, and ultimately by decreasing property values.


The penalty for being in violation of the LDC are fines of up to $500 per day, and may be subject to injunctive lawsuit.

Every rental for less than 6 months is subject to the payment of the 4% Tourist Development Tax. It is the homeowner's responsibility to register with the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) and file these payments monthly to. the DOR.

Failure to charge and collect the taxes makes the person receiving the rental money liable for payment of the tax and guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, and the delinquent tax may be collected through the issuance and execution of a warrant that becomes a lien against the property. (Florida AGO 97-13)

What can we do to be good neighbors?

* Know the rules of YOUR community. If the HOA or COA prohibits any vacation rentals, STOP violating the covenants. If there are no covenants, STOP violating the county code.

* If your neighbors are in violation, inform the appropriate HOA or COA board __ member, or the county Code Enforcement Department at 727- 847-8171. The county will accept anonymous complaints!