How to Make an Offer

In our market sellers expect buyers to provide a proof of funds. This can be in the form of a pre-approval from a bank, credit union or mortgage company, or it can be a statement from a financial institution showing a sufficient cash balance. Blacken out the account number with a marker.

A 12-page contract, prepared by my staff and me will come to you by email for your signature and 11 initials. This will be done paperless at first. This 12-page contract and your proof of funds are the minimum requirement to make an offer. Many banks and other sellers require additional documents to make the offer. All of the sellers require further documents and deposits once the offer is accepted.  

Further negotiation is usually required before an acceptance. Get used to getting "countered" and hearing "highest and best."

We use the paperless system to make offers, but many of the sellers are going to require all of the paperwork to be done over again and in hard copy with original signatures, after the offer is accepted. Deposits are due in 3 days and your inspection period is generally 15 days, at which time, you run the risk of losing your deposit.

To make an offer we need to know the following: 

  • Offer price, deposit amount, closing date, how you want to take title (what name or names), mailing address for your documents and more. If you email us that you want to make an offer and don't know the answers call me and I will help you.

Offers need to be made in a way that can be acceptable to the seller.  Poorly written offers are not considered the same way well written and thought-out offers are. (For example, deposit must be appropriate).

Thank you,
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